Welcome to Whitethorn Studios

Whitethorn Studios is based in Virginia, Cavan. We run classes and workshops throughout the year for participants to develop their artistic practice in two ways- as creator and as audience. Firstly, as creator, by exploring painting materials and techniques involved in the practical process of making art. Secondly, as audience, by learning to look at art and familiarise themselves with artists and art movements across time. This is done through gallery visits arranged by the Studios and availing of the studio library of art books.

"You really get to explore ideas, rather than listen to facts" – The Irish Times

Michelle Boyle is leading a workshop on the rock art of Loughcrew Cairns, we have spent the morning sipping tea and eating cake and musing on what might have motivated people all those thousands of years ago. Boyle is an artist, though she also has degrees in archaeology, history and cultural anthropology, so she's one of those people who knows enough to know that you can't be certain of anything. We listen and talk for an enjoyable hour or so about the pyramids, Stonehenge, Maori Carvings and modern art. Then we all get some charcoal and have a go at drawing some rock art of our own – The Irish Times